I'm a South Korean native, currently living in Minneapolis.

As a kid, nothing got me more excited than watching those behind-the-scenes documentaries of how films were made - over and over and over and over again. Playing make believe for a living versus with the action figures in my bedroom seemed like a far off dream. 

In college, I began shooting doc-style work for non-profits and student groups, a style which has largely carried over in my narrative and commercial work. My first feature came immediately after graduating, and that experience sold me on wanting to be in this kind of collaborative creative environment forever.

I love a good genre film, but I'm most drawn to human characters, and how we react to the emotional lanscape of life. I strive to make my work as honest as I can. 

In my spare time, you'll find me cozying up with a good movie or book, probably while drinking Mountain Dew, maybe with Instagram open nearby or hockey on in the background. 

Can't wait to collaborate.


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